Friday, January 16, 2015

Memories of my dad

My dad passed away at age 77 around 11 p.m. on December 10, 2014. I miss him a lot. 

He liked cinnamon rolls and root beer floats and popcorn. He hated cooked spinach and soggy bread.

His little girls would ask "wiggle your ears, Daddy," but he wouldn't. Until we looked away and looked back out of the corner of an eye and caught him.

He wove doilies in his free time in the army. And fixed helicopters. He took photos of tulips in Holland. He loved his '57 Chevy.

He hated plumbing and electrical work. He was a carpenter. He brainstormed designs aloud, sketching on paper napkins during dinner, explaining how the pieces went together. He always had a pen in his pocket.

He made sure we had wiper fluid in our cars. And called us to the back window to watch a sunset.