Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the deepest truth we know

Rewound the DVR to get it right and scribbled this in a notebook a couple years ago. The show is off the air by now. Ran across this quote, though, again this week.

“We’re not like those people that weren’t brought up with it. Clean slate – they can choose. So you and me, we’re cursed. We were brought up on fire and brimstone. And no matter how you try to read, study, talk to a holy man, you can’t get away from it. What got etched in our minds when we were six, seven years old – that’s the deepest truth we know: You don’t do the right thing, he’ll make you pay.”

Memphis Beat, Jason Lee’s character, Dwight Hendricks; Liz Garcia and Josh Harto, creators and writers; Sean Whitesell, writer

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