Friday, March 16, 2012


In PA Deutsch, that's the verb "to run around" (wikipedia tells me). You probably know the noun in association with Amish teens before they've joined the congregation.

I've decided that's a good description of my days of "stay-vaction" (shudder, word hate). I am on vacation, The Husband is not, but since his work schedule is flexible (and his busiest week starts Sundsay), I have had the pleasure (mostly) of his company and he has shown the good grace to tolerate me invading his daily space.

Plus, you know, it has the word "spring" in it. To match the weather and my mood.

Our running around yesterday, on my first day of vacation, took us to SuperTony's (the best international market in our neighborhood) and all-American supply houses like Sam's Club and Dominick's. We ate Americanized empanadas in the next 'burb and made a "run for the border" ...twice. I ate my first Nachos Bell Grande.

Today, Day 2, we leaped from bed at the crack of 10:15 to dash to McDonald's -- too late. So we drove to the strange land of Hinsdale and puttered around the fish market while waiting for freshly made lobster rolls. Ahhh, a little taste of Stonington. Kinda.

Then, lunch al fresco, for the second day in a row, this time at Graue Mill, where we saw such sites as a three-legged dog, fold-able wooden kayaks and a super-sparkly shiny shirt.

Now, this. Ben is working in the kitchen on work stuff and then doing something dandy to pork. I am avoiding, apparently, the very purpose for my vacation, what I've looked forward to for, lo, these many weeks -- quilting.

But running around must be done. You must get it out of your system. And then you can settle down and focus.

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