Friday, March 16, 2012

Vacation, Day 1

We started our day with Argentinian-style Americanized empanadas from EmpanadUS in Riverside.

Mushroom and chicken empanadas on the bottom, caprese on top

In pictures, our trip to Super Tony's in North Riverside. As close to exotic vacationing as I'm doing this year!
 As far as we can tell, it's like egg nog with booze from Mexic

Starter kit for making your own baba ganoush.
"They have Mama ramen?!" my husband exclaimed.
Polish apple juice

Aloe water...
...and lychee-flavored aloe drink  

For St Patrick's Day, some different potato choices, chopped and frozen for your convenience. Yes, I know yams aren't potatoes. Shut up.

Ratalu violet yams

Suran yam

Pre-sliced plantains
Asian wraps -- three kinds!

Mung beans -- across and down the aisle and from around the world.

Arabian moong beans

Asian mung beans

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