Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Christmas blankie for my sis

I loved this fabric. It's Moda's Nature's Christmas. I used a "Layer Cake" and "Jelly Roll" for this project. Maybe a "Charm Pack"? (Those are pre-cut 10" x 10" squares, 2.5" x 45" strips and 5" x 5" squares, respectively.) I had fun messing around, putting fabrics together and cutting them apart.

My sister had the (good? bad?) fortune to admire at the blocks fresh from the dryer one evening at my folks' house, and my fun little experiment became her birthday present when it was finished. If memory serves, I folded the back to the front to use as a border. And the quilt is tied instead of quilted.

Here, their cat plays Vanna to demonstrate the comfy-ness of the quilt.

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