Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mom's Pond

4 1/2 years in the making and within an hour of being done -- finally. I couldn't remember which end was up, so we tried it out on Mom and Dad's bed last weekend. Now, I just need to add the label on the back with a blanket stitch. 

This is a full-size comforter, custom sized to my folks' bed. I put together blocks and laid them out in rows on the folks' living room floor. We worked on half of the quilt each time. Mom and The Husband rearranged the blocks, with Dad making suggestions. When she saw it on the bed, Mom was pleased with how well we distributed the red. I was tickled that the yellow was nicely scattered.

This pattern is "Yellow Brick Road" from Atkinson Designs. (I've seen something similar but simplified at, if you're interested in making one.) 

Along with using stuff from my stash and local fabric stores, I bought a lot of fabric through etsy sellers, both in the U.S. and overseas -- Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong, if memory serves.

Here's a close-up below of the quilting, which did for me.

Oh, look -- just peeking out at the top of the photo below, you can see the backing. I will try to find the name of the fabric line. Something Atlantis, I want to say. I really love it. (And note to self to shoot pics of the backing and binding.)

Lots of dragonflies, right? Mom's inspiration piece for this quilt was a fiber garland with dragonflies in navy and blue-greens. She didn't want a "dragonfly" quilt, and wanted lots of navy -- those were her guidelines. 

Many of the fabrics make me think of fish eyes, frog eggs, water ripples, plants and critters around a pond. And Mom, who grew up in the country, has wished for a pond in her suburban backyard from time to time. So, here's Mom's Pond.

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